Torre Guaceto

The Marine Protected Area of Torre Guaceto

Torre Guaceto is a protected marine area, State Natural Reserve that stretches for about 8 kilometers of coastline on the Adriatic coast of the Upper Salento, between Punta Penna Grossa and Apani. It is one of the most conserved and representative ecosystems of the Apulian coast, formed by Mediterranean scrub, very high sandy dunes, marshes with amphibians and migratory birds, golden beaches, transparent sea with sea beds of posidonia meadows, in a substantial diversity of habitats and landscapes.

A coastal watchtower, dating back to 1531, dominates the protected oasis which covers about 1200 hectares of territory and includes an 8.4 km long stretch of Adriatic coast, a marine reserve and five islets arranged parallel to the shore.

The reserve, characterized by Mediterranean scrub, by agricultural areas mainly cultivated with olive groves and by an important dune system, consists of different ecosystems divided between the Marine Reserve, which includes 730 hectares of sea and the five islets, extremely rich in animal species and plant, and the Wet area, consisting of the Mediterranean maquis, the marshy environment and the beaches, of international importance.

Throughout this area it is possible to practice nature excursions, cyclotrekking and seawatching to discover the countless beauties offered by nature and the immense landscape value. In the oasis of Torre Guaceto you can not reach the sea by car, but everything is organized to perfection to reach and enjoy the heavenly beaches that nature has preserved until today.

Things to see

  • Watch tower
  • Coastal Dunes
  • Rocky and sandy seabed
  • Mediterranean scrub
  • Flora and fauna

Looking for a farm in the Salento between sea and hill?

Masseria Cappuccini is the ideal place to relax in contact with the true nature near Torre Guaceto.

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