The Zoosafari and the amusement park

Just 20 kilometers from Masseria Cappuccini, reaching the Selva di Fasano, is the largest wildlife park in Italy, the Zoosafari Fasano with the Fasanolandia amusement park, which allows you to spend a fun day for the whole family.

It starts with the Safari Circuit to be carried out safely with your vehicle, on foot and with trains to discover animals that live in absolute freedom on 140 hectares of surface: lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, monkeys, gorillas, brown bears, polar bears, hippos, rhinos and many other specimens of animals that will catch the attention of adults and children.

Once you have finished the Safari you can choose to enter the pedestrian park of Fasanolandia you will find many attractions and entertainment for everyone, from rides for adults and children to the lake of big mammals, from the Tropical room with the Reptile to the Dolphinarium, from Puglia in miniature to the show of marionettes, as well as restaurants, fast-food bars and a wide selection of souvenirs and typical products.

Things to see

  • Safari circuit
  • Pedestrian park Fasanolandia
  • Primates area
  • Metrozoo
  • Lake of the big mammals
  • Monkey village
  • Tropical room
  • Ornithological exhibition
  • Puglia in miniature
  • Botanical path
  • Dolphinarium
  • Puppet show
  • Exhibitions and museums

Discover the wonderful world of ZooSafari Fasanolandia!

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